Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Last Version Sold Thousands - This One Is 600K Better!

Extremely Powerful Plugin

Three years ago, these guys released a plugin that crushed the
search engines. You may remember it. At the time, it sold more
units and had more positive feedback than any product that year.
What you're about to see now is that product on some major roids!
This plugin has been responsible for a ton of people making a ton
of money AND it's one of those products the owner uses on a daily

Check this out:

You can use this for CPA, local offline, lead generation, adsense
or anything else you want. The owner made over 600K last year from
using the plugin. Once you see what this thing does, all kinds of
ideas of what you can do with it are going to come to mind. As if
that's not enough, and you will have a ton of ideas, they're going
to show you exactly how they used it to get that kind of number.

Look, the sales page isn't that impressive, but a lot of times
that's a good thing. There's no fancy wording, impressive graphics
or anything like that. That usually means the owners USE it and not
just hype it up. With their proof, there's no doubt that's the case
here. Do yourself a favor and grab this thing.

You'll be glad you did. There's a reason it sold thousands of
copies a couple years back and then they took it off the market.
This version is a lot better!

Have a great day,
Glen Brink

Glen :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A truly amazing viral mailer!

A truly amazing viral mailer is rare to find which is why I am
so excited to introduce to you a safelist called List Avail.


This is one viral mailer that is truly unlike no other and an absolute
MUST have as a part of your advertising arsenal. Custom built
from scratch List Avail really sets the bar high.

ListAvail, is just a short time, is already ranked among the top
viral mailers in the industry!

Developed using the latest up to date technology to ensure maximum deliverability.
The results produced at List Avail are truly amazing to say the least
and it is easy to see why List Avail is your next generation viral mailer.

This is your chance to be apart of something truly amazing!

Do not miss out!


Glen :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why SOLO Ads?

It should come as no surprise to you
when you look at all the emails you get
from the big name million dollar marketers
to know that  the real money comes
from sending as many emails as you can to
people who want what you are offering


Glen :-)